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Kyle Miller is an alumnus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute,
in Worcester, Massachusetts. His major was aeronautical engineering,
and he minored in Music.

This site is being kept online because WPI is linking to it for a variety of reasons.
If you want to see my current website, please go to Navigamus.

Looking for Venice 2.0?
Venice 2.0 homepage
PreserVenice - one outcome from my Venice project
My team's Venice project abstract, the website for which I designed from scratch
I administer the Venipedia, a Venice-oriented wiki with entries by Venice Project Center students
My personal photo gallery - Venice and beyond
Venice 2.0 Gallery: over 500 of my best photos from Venice (full resolution)

My own Venice page
Prague/Budapest Tour Gallery (jazz tour in 2007)
My WPI Course Plan - all the courses I took at WPI
About Me

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