Here’s another blog post about Toronto streetcars. It also contains an uncanny coincidence, another of which you can read about on the blog of the Museum of Inuit Art.

Yesterday really felt like spring in Toronto. It was sunny, warm enough to be out in shirtsleeves, and Ori and I had both finished all of our schoolwork for the year. (That also means that Ori is done her Master of Museum Studies degree! I, on the other hand, have another year left in my Urban Planning program.)

It was so nice that Ori and I decided to go for a walk. I brought my camera, and we went to take some photos of her capstone exhibition project at the Parliament Interpretive Centre near the Distillery District. It’s a very impressive exhibition – it looks like the work of professionals, not graduate students – and you should definitely check it out if you’re in Toronto this summer.

As we were walking home, we came across a mess of TTC streetcars at the corner of Queen and Parliament Streets. That corner is at the intersection of several streetcar routes, and there’s all kinds of turning, queuing, dinging of bells, etc. I took a few photos, and said something to Ori like, “wouldn’t it be cool if the new streetcar showed up, too?” (The Toronto Transit Commission has been gradually testing a fancy new prototype streetcar on all the track in Toronto, before they place a final order with Bombardier.)

And then I realized that it was actually there, hiding behind some of the old streetcars! (Can you spot it in the photo above?) Feeling very glad to have a camera with us, we snapped a bunch of photos:

The new streetcar looked right at home in Toronto traffic.

It was bizarre, wishing to see the streetcar and then having it appear like that. But if you think that is crazy, you’ll never guess what happened later that day…

Around 7pm, Ori and I were walking along Queen Street (by the Eaton Centre) to go attend an end-of-year party for Museum Studies students at Campbell House. As we were crossing Yonge Street, I made a joke about my streetcar-summoning abilities to Ori. And then I heard it – the electronic bell recording that replaces an actual bell on the new streetcars. I turned around, and there it was, the new streetcar! Again! Twice in one day, both times immediately after I had made a casual remark to Ori about wanting to see it. It was surreal. (I’m glad Ori was there both times to witness it, because nobody would ever believe me otherwise.)

I didn’t have my camera with me the second time, but I snapped some photos with my phone as proof. Behold, the new TTC Flexity streetcar, in Friday-night rush hour traffic on Queen Street. Seeing it twice in one day really was remarkable.

You can see all the photos I took of the new streetcar here.

2 comments on “More streetcars!”

  • Mike Filey says:

    great “historic” views. 4401 scheduled to be in the Beach Easter Parade next
    Sunday along with the TTC’s two classic vehicles 2766 Peter Witt (1923) and PCC (1951)..M

  • Kyle says:

    Glad you like the photos. And thanks for the tip! I might check it out.