The Toronto Star published Tim Alamenciak’s piece about the Urban Land Institute contest today: Think tank contest displays big ideas for Toronto’s waterfront. Here’s a quote that discusses my project:

Kyle Miller, a 27-year-old planning student at the University of Toronto, thought his idea was a little wild at the beginning. He proposes a gondola along the waterfront, stretching from Ontario Place to the Don River in the east.

“It started as a crazy blue-sky idea, and the more we thought about it the better sense it started to make and I’m almost a believer now,” said Miller.

He translated his contest entry into a paper for a school class and crunched some numbers. He found some inspiration in Medellin, Columbia, where two gondola lines integrate seamlessly with the local transit system.

Concocted with fellow planning student Matthew Kelling, the gondola would get commuters from one end to the other in 25 minutes, Miller said. “Right now…there’s basically no continuous transit that could do it in anywhere close to 25 minutes.”

One of my renderings was even featured on the front page of the GTA section today!

Front page of GTA section - edited (Large)

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