We finally bade farewell to our den of sickness and nausea in Melide and set off towards Santiago this morning. If sickness could cause us such trouble in 2011, imagine how it would have affected pilgrims in the Middle Ages. Not to mention the challenges posed by wolves, bandits, and poor footwear. You can see why they would have settled their affairs before leaving for Santiago.

It was the right decision to walk on today, but it was tough going at first. I had no energy, having spent much of the past few days violently expelling nutrients from my body and certainly not eating the hearty pilgrim meals I would have normally. Though the first hour was difficult and I could barely push myself up the hills outside of Melide, it soon felt right to be walking again.

It was also a bit disorienting to be on the road after four days disconnected from the Camino. Almost more disorienting than that, though, was the realization that we would be arriving in Santiago tomorrow! It was nearly impossible to believe that the series of friendships, adventures, and challenges presented by the Camino was about to conclude.

Below: Green forests in Galicia. There were lots of eucalyptus trees (right).

Below: Lots of cats today.

Below: These guys begged for a handout while we stopped for a snack.

Below: He thought nothing of settling down on Ori’s raincoat.

Below: A giant double-wide hórreo.

Below: Another kitty.

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