I took no photos today, for obvious reasons. I did write in my journal to record that Manu had reached Santiago on June 10, having walked fairly quickly for the last week or so of his Camino. Steven, who had been a few days behind us, was going to pass through Melide today, and we made plans to meet at the hotel bar for coffee (for the first time, not beer!).

Actually, by 11:30am, I was feeling pretty good, though Ori still felt awful. Frustratingly, the Galician sun decided to shine for the first time today, and we were confined to quarters. Where we learned an important pre-marital lesson: the hardest time to give care is when you are in desperate need of it yourself.

It was a tough situation. My cell phone charger had failed, leaving me with only a few hours of battery life that I would need to ration for our remaining time in Europe. I didn’t know if Ori needed to be in a doctor’s care. And the cushion of time until our flights home was beginning to dwindle. The nice hotel staff (we’d had to move hotels because the first one didn’t have any vacancies after the first night) were very accommodating of me coming down each day to ask if we could stay yet another night.

In other news, my frequent trips to the Melide grocery store led to the observation that many Spanish dairy products employ UHT pasteurization, which removes the need to keep them refrigerated. So far, I’ve seen milk, yogurt, and even cheese that is sold at room temperature. I keep expecting to discover ice cream that doesn’t need to be kept in a freezer!

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