The time we spent in Melide is a bit of blur to me now. We ended up spending four nights in the town, because this afternoon I was stricken with the same illness. Imagine that your body suddenly decides that it wants to expel everything from its digestive tract at the same time, as quickly as possible. That’s what happened, while I was taking a bath. It was horrible…although it did make clean-up easy.

Below: Before I got sick, though, the morning was nice. While Ori relaxed, recovered, and watched Spanish TV (they show a lot of English shows!), I explored Melide, which wasn’t all that interesting. Improbably, I did get to know this inconsequential little town better than any other during our Camino.

Below: In one of Melide’s churches, there was a statue of Jesus dressed like Prince!

Below: An interesting door.

Below: Ori convalesces. We found a copy of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons in the hotel lobby and both finished it while we were stuck in Melide. When there’s nothing else to read, anything will do!

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