As of today, we’ve walked 1,400 kilometers. And despite my worries that last night was going to be a miserable one, it turned out okay. I turned off the lights at 9:30pm and slept uninterrupted until about 6:30am, when everybody got up (we had to be out by 7:30am).

On our way out of Samos this morning, we passed an elderly man who, on hearing our greeting, asked us where we were from (he guessed Germany). We told him we were Canadian, and in response he raised his crutch high in the air and said, “¡Viva Canada!”

Below: The day’s walk started nicely, on quiet forest trails from Samos to Sarria.

Below: Approaching Sarria. As the sun came out, I was reminded a little bit of Nova Scotia.

Below: We started to see lots of these things along the way. I knew from our guidebook that they were called hórreos, but it took a few days to figure out what they were for. Turns out they’re for storing grain, and they’re designed to keep rodents out (note the small overhanging ledge at the bottom).

Below: At the severely defaced 100-kilometer marker; since we entered Galicia, these markers have been appearing along the way at 500-meter intervals, counting down the remaining distance to Santiago.

Below: A cat sleeping in a garbage heap at our albergue. The albergue consisted of a large room behind a bar, filled with assorted beds, cots, mattresses, and pillows; you slept wherever you could find a place. Dinner was in the bar, and consisted of a very tasty caldo gallego.

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