Below: Like I said, we never saw the sun again. Just kidding, but it did rain every day in Galicia, making it worthwhile to have carried our raincoats and backpack covers for those 1,450 kilometers until now.

Below: We didn’t have to go through this tunnel, but the government did decorate it with a giant scallop shell in recognition of the road’s historical significance (Street View). Because of the weather, we opted for the “low” route for today’s climb up into Galicia.

Below: We walked alongside highways for much of today, and there was a path by the road for pilgrims (Street View). These cyclists chose to ride on the road instead of the pilgrim footpath, which was nice of them.

Below: An old lumber mill – it was like we’d walked back in time.

Below: The day was spent passing under increasingly amazing highways that, because of the geography, rose higher and higher over our heads.

Below: It eventually got to be a bit surreal, like something out of a science fiction movie (Street View). I wonder if the drivers knew how precarious they were on these roads through the sky?

Below: We kept climbing, enduring the occasional storm along the way.

Below: Getting passed by some equestrian pilgrims as we near La Laguna. Everything was noticeably greener.

It was a good day. The pilgrim roads were quiet, the scenery was stunning, the hills were “not as hard as France” (- Ori), and we found ourselves in a nice little albergue in La Laguna, which is a nice little village 2.5 kilometers short of the “top” of the hill in O Cebreiro. Sitting at the bar, I watched a herd of cows being led down the street by a farmer and what looked like his teenaged daughter, both wielding large sticks.

We walked a bit with a Québécois named Gaétan, who we first met in Aire-sur-l’Adour but who’d started walking in Le-Puy, like us. He’d been having as hard a time as we had with the crowded albergues, but it was nice to talk and exchange notes with a friendly French Canadien.

Ori and I have both been having lots of Camino dreams lately. I usually dream that I’m walking uneventfully along what I imagine the next day’s path will look like (based on reading ahead in the guidebook), and Ori mostly dreams that she’s tripping and falling over, jerking herself awake.

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