The first week of June! We’ve been on the road (and you’ve been reading this Camino blog) for almost two months now. Two months is a long time to do anything. Today was Ori’s turn to feel a bit down – her legs are hurting and she’s just about had enough. Me, too, but we have to make it through the last ten or so days. We’re getting pretty good at cheering each other up.

It’s been interesting to observe how the weather and seasons have changed since we started in Le-Puy. The trees were bare and it still looked a bit like winter, but now it’s so hot that long-sleeved shirts are completely out of the question (except for Ori, who insists on starting each day in a fleece, only to have to stop and take it off after 20 minutes of walking).

Below: On our way into Astorga, we had to cross the high-speed rail tracks, which typically never have level crossings in Europe (for safety/security). The city planners built this ridiculous ramp, which is beneficial to bicycle pilgrims (and pilgrims in wheelchairs?), but makes the short journey across the tracks about ten times longer than it needs to be for walkers.

Below: Gaudí’s Episcopal Palace in Astorga. I like the arched doorway.

Below: The Gaudí building.

Below: Astorga’s cathedral. We didn’t go in.

Below: Getting my feet massaged in the courtyard of our albergue in Murias. I’ve observed that we spend almost all of our waking hours outdoors on the Camino. Spain, in general, is a very open-air country. The bartender/owner of the albergue was summoned by ringing a cowbell by the bar. Whenever anybody rang it, the two Germans sitting behind us would make loud bleating “BAAAAAAAH” sounds without fail.

Below: A stork nest on the top of the church in Murias de Rechivaldo.

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