León was a nice town, though all of the Spanish cities so far (Pamplona, Astorga, Burgos, and now León) are starting to seem the same.

Because we had some free time after our short walk, we visited the “Pantheon” attached to the Basilica of San Isidoro. It was advertised as a “Romanesque Sistine Chapel” and boy, it didn’t disappoint. Pictures weren’t allowed, but check out an image search to see what I’m talking about. Ori bought a handful of postcards so she could copy her favourite images into her journal. My personal favourites were the depictions of the medieval months, with each illustrating an activity that would happen at that time of year (harvest, slaughter, sowing seeds, etc.).

Below: Some muddy roads on the outskirts of León.

Below: The square outside our albergue (Street View). We stayed at a Benedictine convent, though we were put off by the overcrowded, gender-segregated dormitories and opted for the hotel option instead. I don’t regret that, and my lingering cough wouldn’t have made communal sleeping any better for anybody.

Below: León’s impressive cathedral. Even God takes siestas in Spain, so we didn’t get to look inside.

Below: Another view. Can you spot the Ori in this picture?

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