A mostly unremarkable day. We listened to music together (using a headphone splitter) as we walked this morning – mostly Michael Jackson and Bobby McFerrin. At one point, I turned around to find a horde of angry cyclists yelling at us to get our of the way. Despite the presence of a good (and quiet) road just five feet away, they preferred to ride on the walking path and harass walkers. They weren’t even carrying their own bags – a large van was driving along beside them, presumably with all of their bags inside. You can see why we got frustrated sometimes…

The day was so unremarkable, actually, that I didn’t take any photos worth posting. Except of this very casual kitten in the garden of the albergue in Puente Villarente:

At the end of dinner, we witnessed a spectacular storm, with rain so hard on the roof that we couldn’t even have a conversation inside. I hope the poor kitten found shelter!

Only 12 or 15 kilometers to León tomorrow.

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