Below: Some more Moorish influences in Terradillos.

Below: Passing a wall of graffiti.

Below: Nice try on the translation. I love how they clearly went Spanish-to-English, then English-to-French, compounding the error.

Below: Working donkeys, carrying a shepherd’s supplies.

Below: A bicycle pilgrim rethinks his choice of route.

Below: More sheep.

Below: Walking into El Burgo Ranero. This town definitely felt like a Wild West frontier town. The dusty, unpaved roads contributed to this.

Below: Another memorable albergue. For something like 3€ more per person, we avoided the crowded dormitory and enjoyed this luxurious potting shed. It was comfortable during the day but very cold at night!

Below: More southwest vibes – adobe architecture in El Burgo Ranero.

Below: Sunset over El Burgo and its dried-up lagoon.

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