After my recent grumpiness with the Camino, Ori informed me that I needed to adjust my attitude. So I thought about it for a while, and decided that it could be a lot worse. At least I’m able to do the Camino, and it’s wonderful that I’m able to do it with Ori, too. It can’t be all fun, all the time.

I also made a list of the things I enjoyed about doing the Camino in France…
  • fewer people
  • better relationships with fellow pilgrims
  • more challenging terrain
  • less rain
  • was able to speak the language
  • better food and healthier meals
…and Spain:
  • easier walking
  • more interesting weather
  • more sites of historical significance
  • cheaper
  • nicer scenery overall
Below: We had 34 kilometers to walk to Carrión de los Condes, so we got an early start.

Below: We walked along a quiet canal for a while, which was nice.

Below: The 11th-century Romanesque church of San Martín de Frómista.

Below: San Martín is decorated with hundreds of figures. See the squirrel with an acorn?

Below: The meseta continues.

By the way, you will probably have noticed the stylized scallop shell motif on many “official” Camino signs (e.g., the photo above). What you may not have noticed is that it is a clever allusion to the flag of the European Union. Same colours, and the tips of the shell are in the same locations as the stars on the EU flag. This is because the Camino was declared the first official “European Cultural Route” in 1987.

Below: One of these things is not like the other!

Below: Sheep-herding in one of the many towns along the P-980 (Revenga de Campos, I think).

Below: No chance of getting lost today!

Below: The meseta.

Below: We spent most of the day walking on a dirt path beside a minor highway (Street View).

Below: More meseta. Though boring as heck, it really was stunningly beautiful.

Below: The final few kilometers to Carrión de los Condes.

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