We had a great evening in Viana. To save money, we decided to cook a communal dinner in our rented apartment. We went to the grocery store and bought a huge amount of food (at least 10 kg, including 24 eggs) to cook for dinner and breakfast the next day. The leftovers ended up feeding us for another couple of meals, and the total cost per person was 5€. Incredible!

It was also very pleasant to sit at a bar in the town square in Viana last evening and see the entire town out and about – girls playing ring-around-the-rosie, parents and babies, old men and women, and a local politician chatting to supporters.

Below: The breakfast we cooked this morning in Viana. It might not look all that appetizing, but after weeks of old bread and orange slices, this was a welcome change for us Canadians (Alfonso’s giving the thumbs-up here).

Below: Following the yellow arrows of the Camino in Spain.

Below: The Puente de Piedra over the Ebro in Logroño.

Below: Taking a break with Manu in the Plaza del Mercado in Logroño (cathedral behind).

Below: Just another great day in Spain! I’d expected an economically recessed country like Spain to look a bit run down, but Logroño was in great shape.

Below: Most cities and towns provided water fountains for use by pilgrims, locals, and dogs.

Below: A painted scallop shell motif on a highway underpass near Logroño. This symbol represents both the scallop shell of Saint James (one of his saintly symbols, permitting identification by illiterate medieval peasants) as well as the convergence at a single point of pilgrim roads across Europe.

Below: We were now in La Rioja, a region famous for its wine production.

Below: One of the Osborne bulls, once an advertisement for brandy but now an unofficial national symbol.

Below: Coming into Navarrete.

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