Today was the day we crossed the Pyrenees. Rather than say too much, I think I’ll just post lots of pictures.

Below: Leaving the gîte (the last of our Camino) in St-Jean.

Below: Strolling out of town – note the cloud cover.

Below: Still cloudy and lots of pilgrims on the road, easily a few hundred today.

Below: We were ascending and the fog was burning off at the same time.

Below: Manu takes a break.

Below: Gaining some altitude.

Below: A lovely morning for mountain-climbing.

Below: Kyle with the clouds well below us.

Below: Pilgrims resting.

Below: Pyrenees.

Below: Pilgrims and ruins behind.

Below: A Pyrenean horse, complete with bell.

Below: A disorienting perspective.

Below: Ori plugs along.

Below: The clouds obscured our view of lower-lying areas.

Below: Pyrenees.

Below: Eventually, there were no more trees (and no more shade, and no more places to pee).

Below: But we still had to keep climbing (around 1,300 vertical meters in all today, plus a descent of 400 meters, over a horizontal distance of 26 kilometers).

Below: Manu takes aim.

Below: Nearing the top.

Below: Don’t be fooled by the forced perspective.

Below: Finally, the Spanish border. It was marked only by this fence.

Below: Crossing over (on a passage canadien!). There wasn’t even a sign.

Below: The trees return as we descend.

Below: The Spanish side.

Below: Finally! The abbey at Roncesvalles.

Below: The abbey that has welcomed weary pilgrims for centuries.

I got my first blister today. Ori cured it instantly with all of her expertise.

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