Our day got off to a late start because I apparently kept Ori up with my snoring last night (am I one of those awful snoring pilgrims?!). But we saved 4 kilometers with a shortcut later in the day, so it all worked out.

While resting along the path today, we met a Portuguese man and his unsmiling female companion (wife?) walking away from Spain. He was pulling a heavily laden trolley and spoke some French. We gathered that they started in Portugal, walked to Santiago, and are now headed for Rome. He warned us that “the Spanish are thieves” and that they will all rip us off. Yikes.

Below: Cows and palm trees on our way out of Le Sauvelade.

Below: The abbey in Le Sauvelade.

Below: As we approached the Spanish border, we noticed a change in the language on signs.

Below: A friendly donkey with the Pyrenees behind.

Below: A guard goat, chained to a fence at a farm we walked past. It reminded me of yesterday, when, as we passed a big house with an electric gate, the gate swung open to reveal a large, scary dog glaring at us. Ori immediately quipped, “release the hounds!” I fretted for a moment until the owner of the house popped up from behind the fence; he was trying to fix the gate and the dog was just there to help.

Below: Walking towards the Pyrenees.

Below: The Pyrenees draw closer. We heard from Manu today, who says he’s willing to wait for us a couple days in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port so we can cross them together.

Below: A pilgrim song displayed in the church in Navarrenx, which we sang during the rest of our Camino. We walked into Navarrenx to the sound of explosions – it was WWII Victory Day and they were holding a celebration/remembrance ceremony in the town square.

Below: The bridge on the way out of Navarrenx. We encountered the evil nine-passenger van again near here, and glared at it as we walked past.

Below: Ori and the evil pony in Lichos that tried to bite her. Look how its crazy eyes gleam for the taste of human flesh!

Below: I described the gîte in Lichos as “one of the best gîtes yet” in my journal. We had an entire upstairs apartment to ourselves (it could sleep up to six), and the fridge was stocked with 1€ beers.

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