Le Sauvelade is a tiny town built around an abbey founded in 1128. Ori loved it! The name comes from Latin (Silva Lata, originally meaning “forested area”), and the stamp in our pilgrim passport used this name.

The bartender in Le Sauvelade asked if I was German – apparently I have a slight German accent when I speak French. Which is really funny, because my Venetian friend Alberto said exactly the same thing about my Italian!

We stopped for a break with Robert in Arthez-de-Béarn, which was having some kind of market today. It’s interesting to note the gradual shift towards Spanish architecture and toponyms. Unfortunately, we later had to say good-bye to Robert – he wanted to take a slower pace than we did.

Below: It began raining ten minutes before we arrived in Le Sauvelade, but the storm clouds had been gathering all day.

Below: Tall grass encroaches on the path beside a road.

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