We had dinner at the hotel with Robert last night: baguette with smoked salmon and Boursin; a green salad; warm chicken breasts and avocado; and strawberries and Milka for dessert.

It was 24°C today and quite sunny. Unfortunately, my day didn’t start very well: I had been kept awake by some serious snoring and not enough blankets, and then while putting on my socks this morning I slid my foot across the old hardwood floor and ended up with a gigantic splinter in the middle of my heel – the absolute worst place for a walking pilgrim! We eventually got it out, but it was no fun at all.

Below: Climbing the hill out of Aire-sur-l’Adour.

Below: In the hilltop village of Miramont-Sensacq, we came across a Pyrenee-identification sign. Taking this as a clue that the mountains should be visible, we scanned the horizon and discovered that we could make out the faintest hint of snow-covered peak through the haze. Can you see it in this photo?

Below: We arrived at the gîte in Piphane (the gîte is the entire community, and it’s just this house) to find nobody home, no note (we’d made a reservation), and not even any outward signs that it was a gîte. We waited around for a while and eventually a car drove up with the parents and young children of the gîte owner, who was a teacher and still at work. Ori babysat while the parents prepared our dinner.

Below: I have very pleasant memories of this meal – the food, the surroundings (eating outside!), and Robert’s company. On the plate, that’s duck pâté on baguette. Yum!

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