I awoke with a headache, sore throad, cough, stuffy nose, sore leg, sore toe, etc. I felt like it was the lowest point of my Camino thus far, and the steady grey cloud and humidity didn’t help. But Ori and two ibuprofens cheered me up, and the sun eventually came out!

We sang in a nice chapel along the way today: Christmas carols and a medieval chant that Ori taught me last week. I love being able to visit all the churches we pass in France, ringing the bells and singing and taking in whatever medieval delights they have to offer.

Below: We crossed the Greenwich Meridian today!

Below: Lots of vineyards, sometimes as far as they eye could see. I longed for them during the high, rough terrain of the Aubrac, and now they’re getting a bit monotonous.

Below: At the gîte in Lelin-Lapujolle (whose name we constantly sang to the hook of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”). The husband of the couple who ran it was a stone-carver and this was one of his pieces (more impressive were the intricate stone window frames he’d carved for the house, making it resemble a castle). This was the friendly farm cat; it only had one eye.

Below: When you’re a pilgrim, nothing compares to finding that your laundry has completely dried in the afternoon sun.

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