We stayed at an unusual gîte in Manciet, run by an unusual gîte-owner (a professional rugby player). He’d done some interesting interior design in his house, including our “room” made of vinyl siding in the middle of the upstairs.

Ori now has a cold, and it was a long walk today (and will be another tomorrow). Some of today’s walk was along an old railway bed, which meant it was flat and straight.

Below: Robert took this photo of us in Eauze, once a Roman colony (Elusa). It was kind of a craphole. But it did have the air of a dusty frontier town, appropriate given the ever-decreasing distance to the Spanish border. It even had a bullring.

Below: Geese soon to be turned into foie gras (this part of France was big on all kinds of meat pastes).

Below: A forest cat!

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