Roger had some problems with his trolley – we saw him trying to take it into a farm machinery repair shop, to no avail. And Alain told us we had finally descended below the altitude of the Pyrenees we’d eventually be crossing. Told you the Aubrac plateau was high!

Below: Occasionally, though mostly in France, we’d come across something like this: a resting area for pilgrims, provided with fresh coffee, juice, and snacks, all in exchange for a donation. This one was set up in a former communal village oven. On display were a few hunting trophies, farming tools, and even the implements that were once used for baking bread here; note the wayside cross, too. Somebody from the village comes here every morning with a thermos of coffee and other goodies – what a wonderful gesture of hospitality!

Below: A local passes on his motorbike.

Below: A bright green lizard in the forest.

Below: The twisted spire of Saint-Côme-d’Olt. I bet this view hasn’t changed much in several hundred years.

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