I fell asleep the evening before after having taken three (or four) ibuprofens. It certainly worked – I awoke from my nap just in time for dinner, and I felt a lot better. Our St-Alban innkeeper ran a donation-only gîte with her husband, and they served us a delicious meal. I recorded the menu in my journal: vegetable and pumpkin soups; dandelion salad with croutons and apple slices; bruschetta made with baguette, cheese, bacon, and egg; fruit; and red wine.

The innkeepers were also big fans of the Citroën 2CV, so we had our pilgrim passports stamped with an image of the iconic car.

Below: Stopping for a morning coffee with Emmanuel, Steven, and Roger.

Below: Roger, unlike most pilgrims, used a trolley instead of a backpack. Here, Steven tries out the trolley while Roger carries Steven’s pack.

Below: At the Ferme du Barry, we got to try the regional specialty, aligot, made of mashed potatoes, cheese, and garlic. It was tasty, though a bit hard to chew and very filling. Many gîte (hostel) owners in the area serve this traditional dish to pilgrims, and we met a few unlucky pilgrims who had to eat it three nights in row!

Below: Playing cards after dinner at the Ferme du Barry in Aumont-Aubrac. We learned the rules to belote and also played some “American Eights” (8 américain, a.k.a. Crazy Eights). At the end of my night, I recorded in my journal that “I just want to live in Europe forever!”

2 comments on “Camino Day 4: St-Alban-sur-Limagnole to Aumont-Aubrac”

  • Steven says:

    Hi there,
    What a nice idea to celebrate this anniversary ! I will follow it very regularly !
    But 2 things… First of all, sorry Kile, but you should be more accurate ! When you arrived at St Alban, it wasn’t Manu but me who went to the chemist with you… ;) !
    Ans secondly, some of the fotos are blur, I do not recognise the guy next to Ori, playing cards. Looks handsome but I don’t know who it is ;) !!!
    Take care, Steven.

  • Kyle says:

    Ha ha! I think I was in such a daze that evening that it could have been Saint James himself with me in the pharmacy and I wouldn’t have noticed. Remember how I fell asleep on the bench while we waited to speak to the pharmacist?