The start of week four. The Royal Wedding is tomorrow, and Robert tells us that the large English-speaking population in Montcuq is planning a celebration.

I awoke in Castet-Arrouy with a nice sense of kinship with my fellow pilgrims. We all had the same purpose, lifestyle, and basic needs (shower, laundry, food). Whether or not we ate together, we all ate at roughly the same time, went to sleep at the same time, awoke at the same time, and hit the road at the same time.

We met a German pilgrim who had to give up after some serious foot problems. He asked at a tourist office for an orthopedic doctor, and was referred to a pedicurist instead, poor guy. His parting words: “And now ve are looking for a taxi.”

Below: More nice trees and pilgrim paths in the Gers.

Below: A very obvious wayside cross at the entrance to Lectoure.

Below: Ori tends to her feet in Lectoure. We bought a postcard in the town that showed a photo of the skyline with the Pyrenees visible behind. We couldn’t see them – it was too hot and hazy.

Below: Finally, a gîte with a swimming pool (in Marsolan)! All the pilgrims went swimming tonight.

Below: All, that is, except Ori, who didn’t want to get her blisters wet. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed feeling weightless for the first time in weeks. And it made dinner afterwards (Indian-spiced turkey and other delicious things) taste all the more delicious.

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