Ori noticed a sign by the side of the road today that translated Le Chemin de Saint-Jacques into English as “The Jacques of Way Saint.” The weather was beginning to be hot these days, and despite trying to get up early to beat the heat, we had to kill an hour in a town over lunch waiting for the Petit Casino (grocery store) to open.

I developed an aching knee that we fixed temporarily with a tensor bandage. I later bought myself a knee brace, which seemed to work well.

We met a new friend, an Australian named Robert, at the gîte in Castet-Arrouy. It was a nice gîte, in the old village schoolhouse, with a big open classroom-dormitory and lots of old class photos on the walls.

Below: Medieval wall paintings in the church in Saint-Antoine.

Below: We came across another by-donation pilgrim rest stop in the middle of a farmer’s field. This one provided hard-boiled eggs and other snacks. The bottles of water had cobwebs on them, but the eggs seemed fresh. It was a long walk to the next grocery store, so we were glad for this handy little morning snack.

Below: The ruined church in Flamarens.

Below: We were now in the département of the Gers, where the regional government has put in lots of nice walking paths beside all the main pilgrim roads. Not only that, they have also planted trees every few feet to provide shade, fruit, and help with wayfinding (different trees mean different things, and there’s a special kind of tree every kilometer). In the picture below, you can see the main road, the pilgrim path, and the trees.

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