Ori’s blisters seem to be on the mend. She decided to take the baggage van today, just in case. We discussed it in the evening and decided that €16 (van fare) was a small price to pay for a relaxing day of recovery in a French medieval town.

I found myself wondering: how did the French contain livestock before the invention of the electric fence? England is full of delightful old stone walls, but France seems to have nothing but thin metal sticks and electrified ribbon.

Below: Sunrise in the foggy valley below Lauzerte. Unfortunately, this turned into a very hot, humid day that made walking unpleasant.

Below: The iconic pigeonnier du quercy, a dovecote along the way. We saw many of these in all kinds of architectural styles in this region of France.

Below: Vineyards – a sign of the changing climate as we progressed southwest.

Below: Cloister of Moissac Abbey, famous for its ornate capitals.

Below: Capitals in the cloister of Moissac Abbey. There was a big thunderstorm while we were in the cloisters, so we stayed inside the covered walkway and watched the rain overflow the gutters.

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