Below: I walked alone today, mostly along a Roman road (the Cami Ferrat). As a result, it was very straight and pretty damn boring without anybody to talk to! I chugged along like a choo-choo train on the “iron road” and listened to music to pass the time – a lot of Pitura Freska, as well as Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin.

Below: Our room at the Gîte Privé Elisa in Le Pech. As part of an old farmhouse, it had a big oven in one of the walls. While pretty neat, I kept fretting about the nocturnal giant spiders that must surely hide in its depths, coming out to pester sleeping pilgrims at night. Fortunately, none were encountered.

Below: Napping at the gîte. You may have noticed that it’s been sunny in pretty much every picture so far – it hadn’t yet rained once!

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