The end of our second week of walking. Ori was back on the trail today, though still in great pain from her blisters (“ampoules” in French, if you were wondering).

Below: Greenhouse-like coverings over crops – I liked the geometric pattern. As you can see, spring agriculture was well underway by mid-April.

Below: Our gîte in Limogne-en-Quercy, Les Gloriettes. The innkeeper immediately picked up on Ori’s blistered feet and put us in a beautiful double room overlooking the courtyard (this is the view from our window). This sort of generosity and kindness was a daily occurrence along the way in France. We had a very pleasant stay in Limogne, visiting the church, drinking beer in the garden, cooking our own dinner in the communal kitchen, and enjoying the big breakfast the next morning. It was here that we first noticed that German pilgrims’ “after-hours” outfits always seem to include a plaid shirt!

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