I walked alone today – Ori’s blisters were hurting too much and she booked a trip on one of the Camino’s baggage/passenger van services. I found walking alone to be a very different experience: I was lonely and I also kept doubting myself and wondering, “am I still going the right way?”

Below: This is a view looking back towards Livinhac.

Below: I say I walked “alone,” but actually I walked with Manu for part of the day. As we passed this field, all of the cows lined up for a picture.

Below: As we neared Figeac, we noticed that a dog had started to follow us. Nobody was really sure where it came from, or when it had joined our group. It being a Sunday, attempts to reach a local veterinarian were unsuccessful, and the dog had no identification on its collar. The poor animal ended up wandering the streets of Figeac that night. I have no idea if it ever found its way home, poor thing. I still feel bad about this, though there’s nothing more we could have done. Pilgrims need to scare off any animal that tries to follow them.

Below: End-of-day beers in Figeac, a delightful little town on the Célé River, with Alain, Manu, Steven, and Ori. Figeac has connections to Jean-François Champollion, the first translator of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Below: Ori and I decided to stay an extra night in Figeac, to rest and recover. To celebrate Ori’s birthday, and also because everybody else was going on ahead the next day, we had a big dinner together. We ended up having crêpes – savory galettes for the first course and sweet crêpes for the second. All accompanied by lots and lots of delicious cider, which is apparently what one drinks with crêpes. It was a great meal!

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