We’d thought we’d spend a rest day in Conques, but because it had so few amenities and all of our friends were walking on, we decided to continue. I regret this a bit now – Conques was such a significant historic place, and so important to Ori, that we should have spent another day recovering and exploring the town.

Below: At breakfast in Conques. It was often impractical to take our bags into small restaurants and bars, so we often left them outside (with the valuables removed, of course!).

Below: It was a steep climb out of Conques.

Below: Some beautiful stained glass in a chapel dedicated to Saint Roch. Saint Roch, like Saint James, was a “pilgrim” saint, and there are numerous chapels and churches dedicated to him along the Camino de Santiago. We were following a group of women pilgrims who rang the bells at every chapel they passed – a nice touch.

Below: Today involved lots of walking on hard, paved roads, which are hot and very bad for the feet. Ori tried walking in flip-flops to give her blistered feet a rest. Today was a very tough day, pain-wise, especially given the big ascents and descents (which rammed blisters into your shoes with every step).

Below: Before dinner at the gîte in Livinhac (there’s Dider’s shirt again).

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