Back in the fall of 2007, I didn’t pay much attention to the water fountains around Venice, except in the context of my project to preserve Venetian public art. But this summer, I’ve found them exceedingly useful as a way of beating the mid-day heat (which often reaches 30+ degrees C). If you know where to find them, or even if you don’t, you can avoid carrying a water bottle on your walks through Venice, refreshing yourself instead at each fountain you come across. The water’s clean – it’s the same stuff that comes out of the city’s taps.

These fountains are a great idea, serving a similar role to the one once played by the wells in Venice’s campi. They’re a place for Venetians and tourists to find refreshment, but they’re also used by merchants (for cleaning their produce), thirsty pets, and even pigeons, who drink from and take baths in their basins.

I thought it would be useful to distribute some information about the locations of Venice’s drinking fountains. Below is a map showing their locations (click for a full-size version). Note that these are only the 70 or so working fountains – there are others in Venice that once upon a time dispensed water, but no longer do today. And there may have been some changes since this dataset was last updated, but for the most part, I can personally confirm its reliability as of August 2009.

Here’s a table of their locations, to help you locate ones along your walking paths:

Cannaregio Castello
Campo dei Gesuiti Campo San Zaccaria
Rio Terà Barba Frutariol Campo Santa Maria Formosa
Corte dei Pali Già Testori Campiello de la Fraterna
Campo San Alvise Salizada del Pignater
Campo San Geremia Corte Nova
Calle Rielo Corte de la Borsa
Calle delle Chioverette Campo Santa Ternità
Campo del Gheto Novo Campo Santa Giustina
Calle San Girolamo Campo do Pozzi
Camplello de le Beccarie Fondementa di Arsenalotti
Campo de la Tana
Dorsoduro & Giudecca Calle del Squero
Rio Terà di Saloni Via Garibaldi
Rio Terà dei Catecumeni Fondamenta di Quintavale
Campiello Barbaro Corte de le Case Nove
Campiello agli Incurabili Viale IV Novembre
Corte del Sabion Viale Trento 1
Piscina Sant’Agnese Viale Trento 2
Fondamenta della Toletta
Calle de l’Avogaria San Marco
Campo Santa Margherita Santa Maria del Giglio
Calle de la Madona Corte Moretta
Zattere al Ponte Longo Corte de l’Albero
Calle del Basegò Fondamenta de le Acque
Fondamenta dei Cereri
Calle Larga Foscari San Polo
Campo del Redentore Campiello San Rocco
Campiello de la Croce Campiello de le Chiovere
Fondamenta San Giacomo Calle dei Nomboli
Corte Ferrando Campo San Polo
Campo San Cosmo Campo San Giacometto
Calle del Teatro in Saca Campo Rialto Novo
Campo de le Beccarie
Santa Croce Calle de la Scrimia
Campiello Mosca Carampane
Campo San Giacomo del Orio Campo de la Pescheria
Campiello del Piovan
Corte del Cazza
Campiello del Cristo
Campazzo Tre Ponti
Rio Terà dei Pensieri

If I can figure out a way, I’d like to make a Google Earth file that contains this data as well. Even more useful would be a set of points to upload to a personal GPS unit, which would allow you to quickly locate the water fountain nearest your location. Maybe when I have more time…

[Update: I did get around to making some files that can be loaded into Google Earth or a GPS unit. See this post for the links and more information about Venice in Google Earth.]

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